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You should get approval from Customer Relations Department ( ). . Tickets are valid for 1 year after the issuing date. Oxygen tank carriage request should be made at least 48 hours before departure by calling our call center or by your travel agency. If your musical instrument does not exceed the dimensions or weight of a hand baggage (max 25x45x56 cm in size, total dimensions/weight up to max.126 cm/8 kg) you can take it with

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you on board. Sports equipment: Bicycle Golf Equipment Water/Snow Skiing Equipment Surf Board, Scuba Diving Equipment, Tent, Rafting Equipment, Archery Equipment, Canoe, Ice Hockey Equipment, Parachute, Mountaineering Equipment. High sensitive technological devices  Jewelry and accessories containing precious metals/stones. They are not accepted on flight in communicable period    Pregnant passengers after 35 weeks (35 weeks 6 days) for single pregnancy; after 32 weeks (32 weeks 6 days) for multiple pregnancy    Passengers undergoing by-pass and cardiac infarct operation up to 10 days after the. You can also contact us from Damaged Baggage Damaged Baggage contents If the delivered baggage is damaged ( broken wheel or handle, torn baggage or deficiency in the goods), the passenger must apply to our Ground Service company from the Arrivals Lounge to report the. Do I need an internet connection for using 2D Barcode Mobile Boarding Pass? The passengers with scheduled flights from; - Adana - Aktau - Amsterdam - Antalya - Astana - Beirut - Belgrade - Bodrum - Copenhagen - Dalaman - Dusseldorf - Ercan - Gaziantep - Hamburg - Hatay - Istanbul - Izmir - Karaganda - Kayseri.

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Cerebral bleeding; The passenger can travel after 5 days from the occurrence of the bleeding up to 14 days accompanied by a nurse with a medical report; after 2 months, no report is required to travel. Ticket is non transferable. The appropriate packing of the instrument is the passengers responsibility; hard case covers should be used. 
Note: Unfortunately, cabin crew can not help you with the respiratory equipment, eating, drug follow-up and lavatory needs during the flight. . You should complete all your check-in procedures at least 30 minutes before the domestic flight departure and 1 hour before to the flight departure time of international flights.  
Our cabin crew will give you this card and stand by you while you read this card, and explain the safety rules practically. . For international flights: A letter of consent should be presented for the international flights of baby passengers according to the rules below. Passengers who have bought the ticket from Atlasglobal sales offices and not benefited from any reduction.

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In order to have a proper reading by a Kiosk, your mobile phone screen needs to be clean and the screen light needs to be on as your barcode is displayed on the screen of your phone. Lost Baggage Lost Baggage contents If a checked baggage doesnt arrive at the destination, the passenger must apply to our escort touluse Ground Service company from the Arrivals Lounge to report the missing baggage. 2D Barcode Mobil Boarding Pass is your boarding pass which ensures your acceptance to flight; you can send your cell phone after online check-in. Cyprus For domestic flights 8 TRY Please click here to see excess escort touluse baggage fee table special service request Sport Equipment Wheel chair Pets Special Meal Service Oxygen tube Domestic/ Cyprus 30 TRY 50 TRY 50 TRY Not Apply 50 TRY International (USD) 30 USD. What is the fee for the pet carried on board? OUR services AT THE time OF boarding We pay attention to make you board before the other passengers so that you can be seated more easily and comfortably in the aircraft. . Suture/Stitch; If suture placed on the surface is a simple skin cut, no need report.

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Fluid substances like olive oil, pickles, tomato paste; flammable substances such as acetone, cologne; cans, sacks, plastic bags and barrels will not be accepted to the flight neither as free baggage nor as cabin baggage. Israel Consumer Protection Law - cancellation of remote sales transactions Any change or cancellation of a flight ticket after it has been issued is subject to payment in accordance with the ticket's terms and conditions.  Passengers over 65 years old : A discount of 25 over tax excluded price of flight fee is applied for the passengers over. Wchr (Passenger with Walking Disability The passenger can manage the steps and does not need assistance in the cabin. In Ukraine flights, 2 animals of the one breed may be transported together in one container, provided that their total weight together with container does not exceed. If mother or father brings the minor to the airport, letter of consent is not required.

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